Abandoned 8 Million Dollar Mansion

Exploring an $8,000,000 Dentists Custom Abandoned Mansion | FOUND A HUMAN SKULL

Check out this super awesome abandoned $8,000,000 Custom Abandoned Mansion, once owned and lived in by a wealthy dentist, the home is now empty, abandoned and extremely overgrown

There were some really cool and unique things left behind

It’s thanks to the sharp eyes of RiddimRyder Photography and Zenning with Zay that I was able to explore this.

Another explorer posted a photo of the staircase and UBJ recognized it right away as a location he had scouted in the past but wasn’t able to get access. This new post confirmed it was in fact abandoned and they went over to find the way in!

The main draw to this whole house would be the foyer and staircase, as well as the interesting items that I posted yesterday,

I quickly headed over shortly after their visit and was happy to be one of the lucky few (at the time) to explore this mansion.

As we always do in a location with a beautiful staircase such as this one, we photograph it from every possible angle!

Credit for this location and thanks go to RiddimRyder and Zenning With Zay

RiddimRyder Photography

Zenning with Zay


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