Abandoned Canadian Hospital Urban Exploring

Urban Exploring Video from inside a 100+ year old abandoned hospital in Ontario, Canada.

Consisting of several buildings all connected by a system of underground tunnels, this abandoned hospital dates back to world war 1 and the days of Tuberculosis. While at one point in time there were many other buildings, some have since been demolished and sadly these buildings will meet the same fate.I reached out to a former employee of this old hospital and learned that his family has generations of history with this facility.

I asked this individual, who also has a history of exploring, if he would like to accompany me on an explore, help me navigate the buildings and shed some light on the history.

His response was unexpected..

“I haven’t been back since they forced everyone to move to different jobs. It was more than just a place to work for me, I had an emotional investment and I am not sure I would be able to see it as it is now, as it is in your teaser video in person. So I think I must decline your invitation, thank you though for inviting me.

I will however answer any questions you have and when you have your footage let you know what you’re looking at if I remember. I appreciate too that you are documenting it all before it gets demolished.”

He was kind enough to share some thoughts with me on the history and his experience here, you can read about his thoughts and experiences here towards the end of the video, and below.

I hope you enjoy this tour of this old abandoned hospital.


“To many this aged collection of buildings that stand in strange contrast to the myriad styles of houses and high rise apartments in the area seems a relic of the past that they can curiously see as they drive by and then quickly forget about.

This facility has been a permanent fixture to those of us in the city for ever. If you grew up here, you have been here, either as a patient in your early years or perhaps as an employee. It was always there.”

“I was 18 when I started my job at this hospital. My Mother was more happy I had gotten the job than I was. I remember her waking me up one morning pounding on my bedroom door and screaming “YOU GOT THE JOB!!!” and she was all happy and me rudely in my selfish 18 year old way said, “awesome” and went back to sleep. It likely took the wind out of her sails.”

“Over the first three years there Mom and I ate together often in the Cafeteria as we worked together and we visited my grandfather often who was a patient, and my Grandmother who was a volunteer there as well. This hospital was turning into my own little family community. I was fine with that. I enjoyed having my family around and I made a lot of friends, This was a very community orientated place. Workers worked together with their supervisors, and when the days were done, we all partied together.”

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