Freaktography and Lume Cube Partnership

One of the companies who sponsors my content is Lume Cube, Lume Cube has been kind enough to work with me to provide their exceptional lighting products for my videos and for my photography.

Click this link to read the Lume Cube Blog about my work with their products in abandoned buildings!


Their Motto is simple: BETTER LIGHT = BETTER CONTENT

At Lume Cube, they live to help us create better content. They believe limitations shouldn’t be placed on our creativity based on the gear we have, the light of day, or the environment we are in. Lume Cube are a group of Content Creation nerds who spend their lives diligently creating, building, & marketing products that they believe will make our lives, our adventures, and our content better.

Everything they make must fit their 4 Pillars of Product Design: Make it PORTABLE. Make it DURABLE. Make it QUALITY. Make it USER FRIENDLY. Lume Cube are proud to have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world supporting their ever-growing product line.

The sun goes down every day…Don’t be left in the dark

You can get 10% off of your Lume Cube purchase when you use the code FREAKPHOTO, hit THIS LINK to visit the Lume Cube website.


My personal favourite Lume Cube Products are in the images below


Photographing an Abandoned Bank Vault Lit Only by Lume Cubes

These photos were taken in an abandoned bank where the massive vault is still there and left with most of the safe deposit boxes inside as well.
The vault door was massive and mega heavy, but it still moved although it took two of us to move it easy.
With the exception of a bit of light coming in from the open back door, this room was extremely dark.
As RiddimRyder Photography Chris Luckhardt Photography and I contemplated our shots and lighting, I saw this is as a perfect opportunity to bust out my Lume Cube lights and put them to the test!
For the shots outside of the vault:
I placed my LED Panel Light on a chair to light up the safe as a whole.
On the opposite side of the Panel Light, I put a Lume Cube 2.0 and directed it towards the inside of the safe.
Inside the vault I used my two magnetic Lume Cube Airs and stuck one inside the vault and one inside the vault door
Inside the Vault
For the shots inside the vault I stuck with the magnetic Lume Cube Air lights to place them easily wherever I wanted them.
I added a few mobile behind the scenes shots to show the placement of the cubes inside the vault.
These little lights are great for photography, especially exploring photography as they are small and light and take up hardly any space inside the camera bag!
If you’re interested in getting your own Lume Cube lighting, hit this link to browse their products and make sure to use the code FREAKPHOTO at check out, you can get 15% off courtesy of me!!

Behind the Scenes Cell Phone photos of Lume Cube Placement


Lume Cube Drone Lighting


Lume Cube Portraits

Lume Cube Panel Mini Photography

Remote Control Boat on a Lake + Lume Cubes

I had the idea to place a Lume Cube on a Remote Control Boat and see if I can get the same effect on water as I did above with a drone, it seems to have worked!!!  This was done by placing two Lume Cube Anti Collision Strobe lights (meant for drones) on top of my RC Boat.


More Lume Cube Work

Lume Cube Panel Pro Photography

Lit with the brand new Lume Cube Panel Pro, just released yesterday by Lume Cube

One of the awesome things about this light is the app, I could stay behind my camera and change the colours on my phone.
Even better, I was able to put it on “loop” mode and the Panel Pro just looped through all 360 RGB colours, so every photo I took was a different colour.
This light is super durable, very light and the size of a cell phone, it takes up NO room in your camera bag either!

This will be my new forever light, no doubt, to be used for photos and for videos in the dark places that I go.

The Lume Cube Panel Pro will be available at a discounted rate of $199 during their limited stock launch, regular price is $229.95
You can even pay it in instalments if you want!

Here is your link to check it out and buy the Lume Cube Panel Pro, I would act fast if I were you, this one will sell quick!