Exploring Ontario’s Waterfalls Episode #11: Albion Falls Waterfall

Exploring Ontario’s Waterfalls Episode #11: Albion Falls Waterfall

Albion Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Hamilton Waterfall tour and one of the city’s most popular. The Red Hill Creek in the east of Hamilton’s King’s Forest tumbles over rock that’s been formed over time into steps and shelves, fanning outwards into a beautiful cascade of rushing water.

Visiting Albion Falls

Please Note that Albion Falls is now closed to the public If visiting Albion Falls please enjoy it from the provided viewing platform at the parking lot Anyone caught accessing the lower falls and closed trails are subject to trespassing fines Albion Falls has been deemed too unsafe after multiple accidents and deaths.

Albion Falls is one of the largest of the many waterfalls in Hamilton Ontario. The waterfall is composed of two very steep ramp class falls. Each waterfall is perhaps 7 to 8 m in height, falling at an angle of about 80 degrees. A small ledge of thicker dolostone separates the two falls. Large blocks of dolostone litter the base of the waterfall.

Albion Falls History

This waterfall has a rich history. It was once considered as a possible water supply source for Hamilton, and rocks from the surrounding area were used in the rock garden of the Royal Botanical Garden. The land on which Albion Falls is located was once known as Albion Mills or the Village of Mount Albion.

Albion Falls Legends

Albion Falls is a place of tremendous beauty, yet it is also the site of numerous tragedies, some famous, some now forgotten. 

Albion Falls was the site of one famous tragedy, young Jane Reilly threw herself down into the thundering waters after her lover, Joseph Rousseau, rejected her. A poet named Slater commemorated the event in verse:

Alas, poor Jane Riley

for Joseph she did die

By jumping off that dizzy brink

full sixty cubits high

Joseph’s mother, who may have been instrumental in the tragic couple’s breakup, apparently said afterward, “Let the blame rest on my shoulders.” Years later, she suddenly screamed, “Jane’s hand is on my shoulder!!” Although in good health up to that point, she collapsed to the floor and died.

Infamous murderess Evelyn Dick also dumped the headless remains of her husband, John, in the area in March 1946.

In the summer of 2017 a Toronto photographer was taking photos near a cliff at the upper trails, he slipped and fell to his death

After several rope rescues, accidents and the death of the photographer, the city of Hamilton has closed the lower access trails and lower falls.

If you visit Albion Falls, please enjoy them from the designated viewing platforms

Albion Falls 360 Degree Photo

Albion Falls 360 Degree Video

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