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What Is Urban Exploring?

Urban Exploring Photography or Urban Exploration is the study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits.

I explore abandoned structures, in addition to drains, rooftops and also active facilities.

Freaktography.com showcases stories in addition to urban exploration photography to anyone interested in abandoned places or cityscape and rooftopping photography

Feel free to navigate the menu’s above and below to see the many locations I have visited and photographed.

My photography is also available to purchase online, should you see something you like.


A Disclaimer about Urban Exploring

1 – It’s dangerous – people have fallen through floors into basements, broken legs, arms, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, got stitches and yes…died etc.  Please be very careful of where you step and to always be aware of your surroundings.

2 – It’s illegal – anyone entering an abandoned building is trespassing and also could be charged with B&E, Mischief or more.  I am in no way suggesting you do any of the above

3 – About Trespassing, In Ontario, Canada the fine is the equivalent to getting a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, you are fined $65 and you do not have a record of it. However, depending on how you act when you are caught it could be upgraded to mischief or B&E which are a criminal offence. 

I will assume no responsibility for your actions should you be charged.

Location Disclaimer

If you are a surviving family and have discovered any posts with stress and dismay, please message me immediately. I visit locations with deep respect, and will be happy to remove all traces of these photos and videos at your request.

Access Disclaimer

If I approach any location to find all access points to be sealed, I always walk away. If access is only possible via forced entry, I always walk away. No personal belongings or items are ever removed from any location I explore

Freaktography in the News

My photography work has been featured worldwide from online news sites such as Buzzfeed, PetaPixel and The Weather Channel.  In addition, my photos have been featured on The Flash and the big screen.  In a 2016 movie Lavender my photos were used in a relevant scene representing the photography of the main character.  I’ve been featured in the UK magazine  Reclaim and numerous times on Yahoo News, s and LadBible

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