Abandoned Gothic Mansion of a Reclusive Eccentric Artist

The first time I saw exterior photos of this house, as Brooks said in Shawshank Redemption “I nearly soiled myself”

It was late in 2020 and a few people were passing around a photo trying to figure out where it was, myself included!

I managed to get my hands on the coordinates, it was no quick jaunt to get there so I would have to plan it as a part of a greater road trip. I headed out that way in March but just my luck, the snow surrounding the house was actually waist high and there was no way inside.

Fast forward a few months and some fellow explorers had posted some interior photos and sent them my way, I had seen interiors from someone else and I knew right away that this was my chance!

A few weeks later I was on the road and hoping to Sweet Baby Jesus that it was still open, well Baby J smiled down on me as I approached to find w large wooden piece of particle board had been yanked from the door!

Sadly, because of the long drive, by the time I got there is was dark, but again thank the good Lord for Lume Cube and I was able to use my lights for my video and my photos.

The eccentric man who lived in this custom designed home came from a strong Polish heritage, he had strong family ties in Western Canada. His father, after retiring from a 25 Year career as a mechanical engineer with Air Canada had retired to Sturgis Saskatchewan with his wife, where he lived from 1978 until his death in 1990.

The reclusive man who lived here was unmarried and a draftsman by trade and a mechanic. He enjoyed collecting model planes, working on cars and he was a huge fan of music. The entire main floor of this house was fitted with hidden speakers, behind walls, inside furniture, in the ceiling and anywhere else he could put them.

There is very little information online about this man, all I have been able to find is that he passed away on March 10th, but I was unable to find out what year. There was a call for creditors, following his passing, to come forward who may have been owed money by him.

The home sat vacant and crumbling for several years following his death and then, in March of 2021 it was sold off at a Tax Sale for a little over $100,000.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Gothic Mansion of a Reclusive Eccentric Artist”

  1. You should have mentioned the massive amounts of porn! I’ve been here before, and there were binders upon binders, categorized folders and a crazy amount of tapes. Upstairs was practically nothing but porn.

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  3. Johnny McDroogles

    I am fascinated by this house, both it’s architecture and decor. I am so curious about who this man was and what will be done with this house now that it has been bought. Is there anymore information you could share or point me in the direction of? I feel like his story would be a fascinating documentary. Your title refers to him as an eccentric artist, did you find any of his work outside the house itself, which to me is very much a work of art.

  4. I can’t get this house out of my mind. I’m so beyond fascinated by it. The history. The design work. To find out who owned this house, wow – that would be a treat! Did you notice any audio recording systems in the house? I saw other footage of this house and it looked although it was “bugged”.

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