The Handmaids Tale Season 5, 2022 – Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

Today I’m giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look at my 2022 The Handmaid’s Tale themed photoshoot, and showing you the lights that were used to obtain the look in the photos.

With the help of a pair of Colbor CL60 studio lights, a great model and a couple of friends, we set up in an old hangar of an abandoned airport and an old church to get, what I hope, will be a fantastic set of photos!

This abandoned airplane hangar was the perfect location to do this shoot, it was large and very dark providing for the exact background I was looking for.

Armed with a pair of Colbor CL60 studio lights, I had more than enough light power to obtain the look that I wanted.

I was able to adjust the temperature and intensity of the light, to light up my model Brandy perfectly.

Brandy, a fellow explorer and photographer was the ideal model for this series and she had the face that I was looking for to do my up close shots.

Donning the iconic red Handmaid’s costume and wings, Brandy stood patiently in the traditional Handmaid stance as I photographed from a distance and way up close.

The #colbor CL60 lights were dimmed all the way down to just 1% intensity and still provided the perfect amount of light for the photos, in some scenes I also added a red filter light for additional backlighting effect

The quality of light from the CL60 studio lights allowed me to shoot with a relatively low ISO to keep the photos sharp and still allow for quick shooting speeds

Next, utilizing both #CL60colborvideolight studio lights we fired off a white smoke bomb, backlighting with one light and another off to the left to get some dramatic smokey shots, however the smoke was too intense and Brandy had to quickly exit to breathe.

Never one to waste a good photo opportunity, S0S1NC3R3 jumped into the smoke for some shots.

Once the smoke literally cleared, Brandy jumped back into position, I got back to work quickly snapping as the smoke dispersed through the hanger.  

Again, S0S1NC3R3 jumped in, this time donning a skull mask for some dramatic photos taking advantage of the awesome light and effect of the white smoke.

Brandy jumped back in at the perfect time as the two Colbor CL60 lights were perfectly illuminating the white smoke, making for some very dramatic scenes.

Finished with the hangar, we headed to the house on site where S0S1NC3R3 got to work cleaning the mirrors for the next scene.  He’s such a good helper

The concept for this scene is the Handmade looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of her former self, before the creation of Gilead, the totalitarian society in what was once the United States.

Shooting at night without the benefit of power or natural light, one single Colbor studio light is all that was needed for this scene and of course Brandy nailed it!

Lastly we headed off to a small abandoned church, I used one CL60 outside to illuminate the large stained glass window so it would be visible in the photos.

We quickly got to work, placing my Handmaid at the Altar for some dramatic scenes.

Once we were done the group enjoyed the location and the lights and they all took turns getting creative in the space, and even Brandy got a chance to get behind the camera too! 

The Colbor CL60 studio lights are what have been missing from my photography kit, they are light, durable, easily transportable and extremely effective for photography and video work!

You can get your own Colbor CL60 lights by hitting these links:

COLBOR CL60: https://link.colborlight.com/Freaktography-NX-CL60

COLBOR website: https://link.colborlight.com/Freaktography-CL60

Thanks to Brandy, Jamie (S0S1NC3R3) and Harley for helping out and joining me for my 2022 Handmaid’s Tale photo shoot!







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