Escape – 2021 Freaktography Timelapse Video

Abandoned Untouched Time Capsule House with Human Remains and Guns Found

Welcome to my 2021 Timelapse video!

This video is made up of over 11,000 images taken over the course of 2021 between May and October.

Filmed at locations all over Ontario, Canada as I traveled to places like Kirkland Lake, Sudbury, Awenda, Muskoka, Six Mile Lake and more.

This years time-lapse video is in in full 4K Video!

To the viewer, a time-lapse video is a few minutes of beautiful scenery, sped up to show the earths rotation from several locations and vantage points at different times of day.
To the creator, it’s hours and hours of time spent shooting, it’s early mornings, long drives and late late nights.
To me, it’s my reward and my payoff for those hours and miles and sleepless nights.
A scene in the time-lapse that lasts 10 seconds actually represents 3 hours of continuous shooting while I lay in a hammock, dozing off, listening to the sounds of nature, next to a silent and still body of water.
The longer clips that show from sunset to milky way means leaving my camera somewhere for up to 5 hours while I sip tea, drink beer, doze off or even nap in my tent and set an alarm for 3am.
Having the discipline to wake up at 3am to change camera angles, all for 10 seconds of footage.
You can watch that 4 minute video above and here are some stills from the video.

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