Sibling Portrait Photography Jackson and Savannah

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These photos were from a sibling portrait photography session with two wonderful kids named Jackson and Savannah.  Their mother had reached out to me asking if I could do portraits of them in an abandoned industrial setting, when she confirmed that she was okay with taking them into abandoned buildings I started seeking out the perfect locations for the shoot.

The first setting was an old abandoned warehouse with lots of exposed brick walls, industrial windows with old and faded windows.  The support beams, exposed bricks and industrial settings were perfect.  The second setting was an old abandoned factory with a great deal of graffiti and damage to make for a great backdrop and setting.

The siblings were the perfect subjects, they got along perfectly and had no problems getting close, having fun and having a bit of attitude when needed.

Use the CONTACT ME PAGE if you are in the Southern Ontario and would like to have portraits done.


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