About Freaktography

Freaktography Canadian Photographer and Urban Explorer Portrait

About Freaktography

Freaktography is the pseudonym of a Canadian photographer who specializes in urban exploration, capturing the beauty of abandoned places and buildings. He is known for his unique perspective and skill in capturing the essence of these forgotten structures through his lens.

Freaktography’s work is characterized by his ability to find beauty in decay. He is particularly drawn to abandoned buildings, factories, and other forgotten places, where he finds inspiration in the remnants of the past. His images capture the decay and disrepair of these buildings, while also conveying a sense of the history and stories that these structures hold.

Over the years, Freaktography has explored countless abandoned buildings and locations, documenting his experiences with stunning photographs that capture the haunting beauty of these forgotten places. His images have been featured worldwide in print, online and broadcast appearing in Warner Bro’s “The Flash” and the major motion picture “Lavender”.  

His work and adventures have been featured across North America on Buzzfeed, The Weather Channel, Canadian Geographic, CTV News, Petapixel, HGTV and more.  Globally he has been featured in The Daily Mail and The Telegraph in the UK as well as dozens of news outlets from Italy to Australia, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Hong Kong.

Despite the potential dangers and legal risks associated with urban exploration, Freaktography is passionate about his work and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. He is always searching for new locations to explore and capture, and he has become a respected figure in the urban exploration community.

In addition to his photography, Freaktography is also a writer and public speaker. He shares his experiences and insights on his blog, where he provides tips and guidance for other photographers who are interested in exploring abandoned locations. He has also given talks on his work and the art of urban exploration photography at various events and conferences.

Beyond his photography work, Freaktography is known for his documentary filmmaking work.  In 2022, Dave of Freaktography wrote filmed and produced Bob Lanois: Snake Road.  

His first documentary was a powerful tribute to the late Canadian music producer, Bob Lanois. The film offers a unique look at Lanois’ life and career, exploring his contributions to the music industry and the impact he had on the people he worked with. Through interviews with Lanois’ colleagues and friends, as well as rare footage of his work in the studio, the documentary offers a compelling portrait of a true musical genius. Freaktography’s skillful storytelling and evocative imagery capture the essence of Lanois’ work and his enduring legacy, making this documentary a must-see for music fans and documentary aficionados alike.

He is now working on his second documentary film about the life of legendary Canadian guitar player Bill Dillon.

Freaktography is a talented and respected urban exploration photographer who has made a name for himself through his unique vision and his commitment to his craft. His stunning images capture the haunting beauty of abandoned places, while also conveying the stories and histories that these structures hold. He continues to inspire and engage his fans through his photography, writing, speaking engagements and documentary films.




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9 thoughts on “About Freaktography”

  1. Absolutely great work! I have linked you as the masked photographer on my blog. With any luck you should see an upsurge of traffic by about 4 hits year.
    I am happy to have come across you sites.

  2. Lorraine Rossi

    I just read the story about you and Lawrence and your kindness. Bravo!

  3. Anyone you can recommend i connect with in Vancouver, BC?
    Many Thanks.
    *GREAT* site & photos

  4. Absolutely hooked on your website, which I have just stumbled across whilst checking out similar interests on other sites.
    The photos you take are fascinating as well as creepy and mysterious!
    I love the abandoned houses that have stood still in time for years untouched…. and how you are able to access so many abandoned buildings, it saddens me to know there is not much where I live in the uk abandoned and worth capturing with a camera. I would love nothing more than to experience your abandoned building visits!
    Love your work, and love how well this website is put together. Will be sharing this with my friend who loves this stuff just as much as me!
    Many thanks for this website, I’m going to enjoy looking for hours I’m sure!
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Thank you!
    I have followed your website and facebook page for quite awhile now. I envy you and your passion for discovering the story behind these abandoned locations. I have always wanted to start urban exploring and with a recent health scare I am determined to start now.
    Luckily where I live I have many to choose from!
    I look at the pictures you take and I can see the families who lived there, their children running around the yard, up the stairs, eating in the kitchens. Some houses have a sad story and are left due to a death in the family, others are alone due to the expansion of houses or highways. I love the fact you provide details of the houses you explore. Again, thank you, you have lit the fire within me to get out there and build on my passion.

  6. amazing .. id love to know how you find these places? how do you know if they are officially abandoneed .. ive wanted to just go into one for years .. always been scared to do so .. do you need to get permission? and when and if you find cool stuff .. can you keep it ?

  7. Rick Welland

    Some nicely composed and exposed photographs! I also live in Burlington, and know my way around cameras. Contact me if you think you might be interested in a companion on one of your jaunts, or if you’d be willing to share the location of any local spots worth investigating. Good luck with your venture.

  8. Erin Hoffman

    Freaktography, you and all your urbex friends are absolutely inspiring!!! I have wanted to urbex for a while and finally started last summer after getting a camera that was worth using. I love photography and history and urbex seemed the perfect thing that incorperates both of those things into one incredible hobby. Your youtube channel inspired me to follow what I love.

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