Bill Dillon Documentary

Coming Soon - A Documentary on the Life of Bill Dillon.
“Bill Dillon: A Life of Synchronicity”

Bill Dillon Hamilton Ontario

May 18th 2022: Burlington, Ontario: From busking on the streets of Yorkville in Toronto in the 1960’s to performing in front of 350,000 people in Rome with Robbie Robertson….

From making eye contact with George Harrison on stage at Maple Leaf Gardens with the Beatles in 1966 to partying with him in Sanremo, Italy 22 years later in 1988….

Bill Dillon’s remarkable life is one of synchronicity and serendipity, a life built by a series of small events and coincidences that lead to much larger experiences and opportunities, opening doors for Bill that he never thought possible.

With over 150 million albums sold worldwide with his name on them, Bill is often referred to as one of the greatest guitar players in Canada, the name Bill Dillon is one you may not know – but you have most definitely heard his guitar playing.

Featured on such critical albums as Robbie Robertson’s self-titled debut solo album, as well as “August and Everything” After by Counting Crows, plus guitar work on several albums for Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, The Barenaked Ladies, Gordon Lightfoot and so…….many…….more.

Born in Toronto Ontario, raised in Grimsby and established in Hamilton – Bill Dillon is a Canadian music legend and one of the most sought after session musicians of the last 40 years.

Together with documentary filmmaker and photographer Dave Conlon of (Bob Lanois: Snake Road Documentary), Bill Dillon tells the story of his life from the highest highs, the lowest lows, his greatest achievements, greatest hits and more.

Featuring interviews and insights from Bill Dillon’s close friends and collaborators such as Daniel Lanois, Robbie Robertson, Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Wilson, Peter Gabriel, Ian Thomas, Tom Cochrane, Jerry Morotta, Greg Godovitz and more, “Bill Dillon: A Life of Synchronicity” will introduce you to a remarkable man with an extraordinary story!


Bill Dillon and Dave Conlon of Freaktography, Hamilton Ontario

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