Podcasts, Radio and Television Interviews I Have Done Over the Years

Chasing Bandos Podcast - November 2022

I had a great chat with Greg Abandoned and his fantastic Chasing Bandos Podcast.  We cover everything from my origins in this hobby and some of my favourite stories and experiences!

Global News Radio 980 CFPL London - January 2020

Ahead of my presentation at the London Public Library in January of 2020 I was interviewed by Global News CFPL

John Tittell & Canoe FM 100.9 in Haliburton: The Rockcliffe Minden - 2021

In 2021 I completed a small documentary style video about the Legendary Rockcliffe Taven in Minden, Ontario.

The buzz around town about this project was very strong, I spoke with John Tittel from Canoe FM in Haliburton Ontario about this video and project that I collaborated on with the new owners of The Rockcliffe

PM&A Podcast - October 2021

In life we cross many obstacles and with different perspectives we can find a balance.With the help of two brothers who like to laugh and learn we hope you feel at home hanging out listening to our podcast

No Tracers Podcast - October 2021

Welcome to the No Tracers podcast. If you’re into urban exploration or want to hear some stories of venturing into abandoned buildings, this is the podcast for you!

CHCH News - Niagara Falls Memorial Area - June 2022

In the summer of 2022 I decided to return to the abandoned Niagara Falls Memorial Arena, two years after my first visit to see if the city and/or the owners have done anything with the place.

The news was not good and once again my content made local headlines, this time CHCH TV News met with me to discuss this concern

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