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  1. Hi, I visit regularly this website as it is very interesting!!! I always wished to do the same in my country. Keep it up!! cheers from MALTA

  2. Hi. Great photos. I am a location manager that is working on a film in Ontario. I came across the photos of you’re abandoned Ontario secluded mansion and was wondering if you could tell me what town it is in? I would than use my contacts in the city to find the owner for permission to film there.


  3. Hi,

    I was wondering if it is possible to get some of the locations of the sites. I am a photography student looking for some interesting places to take pictures.

    thank you,

  4. Hello, never realized how many abandoned places there were in Ontario. Wondering if I could tag along with you.

  5. I have some cool photos of an abandoned backyard pool . where can I post them? Abandoned for 30 years

  6. I am in West Virginia and I only watch a few videos, because the “ what’s up guys “ is a little irritating to me. I saws where you said it over 120 times in one video. I still watch at times.

  7. Hey, I just got into urbex and.. could you help me out? I’ve been trying to find addresses for places obviously so they don’t get vandalized and any websites i do find are really old and the buildings have been demolished and such- Could you tell me a website or any addresses for good places around Ontario for example?

    Thank you so muchh. Please email me if you can! (alicexinwonderland@gmail.com)

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