Rare Elvis Presley Cards in an Abandoned House

I Found Rare Elvis Presley Cards in an Abandoned House

While out exploring the backroads of South Western Ontario on a sweltering day in June of 2024, my daughter’s boyfriend Shane sent me the address of an abandoned house that he and his buddies sometimes go to for fun.

He told me that they once went inside and cleaned things up, moved things around and set it all up. He said it’s not clean and set up anymore but it’s an interesting house.

I pulled up and noticed that it was one of those small pioneer-style homes in the middle of a field that is likely still used for farming. The whole house was surrounded by very thick overgrowth, being a hot day and knowing the ticks were just waiting for someone to latch onto – I found a bot of a worn path to an open window and headed inside.

This old house has been here for decades, abandoned long ago and just left to the elements, there were still beds in the rooms, an old television, a clock on the wall and dishes in the kitchen sink and cupboard. The remaining furniture was torn and shredded from the many years of animals using it for nests and the floors were littered with raccoon poop!

It was an interesting house for a quick visit, upstairs was scattered with children’s toys, clothing, two beds, mirrors and other things. There was a box on the floor that was mostly filled with plaster from the ceiling and random debris, but there were some old trading cards inside the box that caught my eye. I took a few out, they seemed to be scenes from a movie with descriptions on the back. As I reached in the box, pulling out more and more of these cards, I noticed a theme – they all seemed to have Elvis Presley on them.

This was an almost complete collection of Elvis Presley trading cards from 1956, the cards were issued by Topps, under the Bubbles, Inc brand name. Many of them were bent and warped, some had been chewed by mice but some were in near perfect and brand new condition!

A complete and mint set of these cards can sell upwards of $1,500 with some individual cards selling for up to $130 depending on the condition!

I took photos of the many cards all spread out, stacked them up nicely and then put them in a safe place.

Thanks so much to Shane-O for hooking us up with this great little abandoned house!

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