My trip to Saskatchewan was more about the photography than shooting videos, while I did shoot video everywhere I went, it was short and quick.
On this trip I wanted to capture photos as best as I could l, so far I am happy with the results!!

As I traveled south and then west, the skies were very hazy, you could smell and taste the smoke from the Alberta will fires, which made for some very dramatic skies.

Eaton Catalogue House

freaktography portrait abandoned house saskatchewan
Sitting on the front porch of an Eaton Catalogue House near Scott, Saskatchewan. You can see the haze in the air from the Alberta wild fires

Ukrainian Church and Milky Way

saskatchewan milky way abandoned church
This picture was taken on my 1st night at a location half way between Saskatoon and the Manitoba border It was the only night that I would get a bright starry sky l and the Milky Way was brighter to the naked eye than I had ever seen before.

Northen Lights and Abandoned House

saskatchewan northern lightx
This was the only time I saw the auroras during my time in Saskatchewan. I was in Regina and headed out of the town in hopes of time lapsing the milky way, but the skies ended up being a bit too hazy But they were just clear enough to give me a short glimpse of the northern lights!

Canada Geese and Wildfire Skies

Canada Geese in Saskatchewan Haze

As I travelled south and west in Saskatchewan the skies became more hazy and red, making for dramatic skies.  I had stopped to capture photos of an old wooden bridge when I heard the calls of Canada Geese flying overhead.

Pronghorn Antelope

Saskatchewan pronghorn antelope
A Pronghorn Antelope somewhere along the Red Coat Trail in Saskatchewan.   These guys were everywhere during my trip through Saskatchewan.  They could be seen in packs along the highways, sitting in the fields or just roaming all alone!

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