Niagara Falls Rooftopping Photography

Rooftopping Photography is the guerrilla art of photographing cities from atop skyscrapers, buildings or construction sites.

When photographing from a rooftop I think we are capturing the growth of a city and years from now people will look back at the movement and they will see how a city like Toronto grew. 

Rooftopping photography allows us to see how a city is forced to grow vertically when there is no more room to grow at the surface level.  Through this form of  photography we will also see the progression of building design and how creativity in architecture can transform a skyline over time.  I am just one of many people who are taking part in this photography genre of urban exploring and I hope that one day a few of my shots might mean something to someone.

To read more about Toronto rooftopping and my experiences you can read my Huffington blog posts about Rooftop Photography

4 thoughts on “Rooftopping”

  1. Barbara Jeanne

    Your work is stunning. I just can’t believe how high up you go. I’m so afraid of heights that my palms start to sweat just looking at these amazing pictures! Urban exploration must be absolutely fascinating.

  2. Hi i’m new to rooftopping but i’m doing urban exploration and toronto photography for a school project, and i was wondering if you could show me some places.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated

    Sami Islam

  3. Hey man I love your shots and i wanna experience them as well! Im just wondering how do u go about rooftopping to avoid security? Like how can i make sure i dont look suspicious on the way up and on the way down? What are some tips to go about rooftopping?

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