Abandoned Library Donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1902

Abandoned Library Donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1902

Built in 1902, this was originally a Library, one of over 2,500 public libraries donated by Andrew Carnegie to communities across America.

This great man donated over $350 million of his fortune to various causes including this one. Renovated in 1995 with Federal funds.

The library was vacated in 1974 for a newer Library which was built several blocks away. The building served as an Art Center housing the Council of the Arts on the main floor from 1974 to 1981 with the Community Music School in the basement.

In March of 1981 the building was temporarily reclaimed as library space while remedial work was completed on the new library over a period of 16 months.

A classical ballet school occupied the main floor in the 1980’s and the Department of Community Development moved into the building in 1992 using all of the space.

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