Polish War Hero’s Abandoned Time Capsule House

War Hero's Abandoned Time Capsule House - With Power and Food in the Fridge.

This was a totally random discovery that turned out to be an amazing abandoned time capsule house once lived in by a war hero, evident from a wall of war medals, pins and poppies.

The exterior was very old and run down, the yard extremely overgrown with several rusty old cars scattered all over.

The amount of dust and cobwebs inside was overwhelming at times and inside, the ceiling tiles were dropping to the floor from summer humidity.

Oddly, the home still had power, the fridge was running and still had expired food inside. There was a moly Costco Pumpkin Pie in the fridge that had expired long ago. However, in the freezer, there was meat that seemed like it could be thawed and eaten tomorrow!

The neighbours of the home seem to be taking advantage of the power as there was a very long extension cord plugged in from the basement and running into the garage of the home next door. Perhaps they also own the home, but who knows!

I hope you enjoy this abandoned time capsule house exploration video!

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