10 Abandoned Places in Ontario That You Can Visit

All over the province of Ontario you can find interesting derelict and abandoned places to photograph.

Many are well known and relatively safe to visit if you want to take exterior photographs from the road, from a distance or around the buildings.

In this blog I’ll show you some of the most well known and frequently photographed abandoned places around Ontario.

In addition to these abandoned locations that will be spoken about soon, there are countless other abandoned spots in this world. Whether they still exist or not, they are always a part of people’s memories that are hard to let go of.

If you have such a place in your heart, why don’t you use an ingenious method to preserve them? For example, you can take a picture of this place and customise it into a pins, believe me, it will be a meaningful thing.

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Nothing here is a closely guarded secret, please visit and photograph these places with respect

Keep in mind, all of these properties are owned and watched by either owners, neighbours, security or all of the above.

Enjoy these locations from the road, from the sidewalk or from outside, any attempts to enter could result in fines or worse…but who am I to tell you what to do!!!

1 - The Guyitt House

The Guyitt House is an old abandoned farmhouse sandwiched between green fields and blue skies located off of historical Talbot Trail, which hugs the north shore of Lake Erie in Chatham-Kent

2 - Port Royal Forgotten Home

This is a very old abandoned house in Port Royal, Ontario Canada that is a very popular spot amongst Ontario explorers and abandoned enthusiasts.

3 - London Asylum

For almost 145 years mental health care had been offered on the grounds of the Insane Asylum known as the London Asylum for the Insane location. It began with the opening of the London Asylum for the Insane in 1870 when the location was considered outside London city limits.

4 - Century Manor

As the last of the original Hamilton Asylum Victorian facilities and one of the few remaining in the province, Century Manor was designated a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1997. 

5 - Camp 30

In the early 1940’s, the now long abandoned Camp 30 was the only camp in the world to house some of the highest-ranking third reich German officers captured by Allied forces.  This was because Britain wanted to get them as far away from the war as possible.

6 - Barber Paper Mill

Located in Georgetown Ontario, the long abandoned Barber Paper Mill was the first electrical generating plant in North America, built in 1854. At its prime, the Mill was the largest industry in Halton Ontario, run by John Barber – who is now rumoured to haunt the abandoned property.

7 - Rockwood Asylum

The now Abandoned Rockwood Criminal Lunatic Asylum was built on the shores of Lake Ontario, close to the Kingston penitentiary and built by the prisoners themselves. Construction began in 1859 and although it was not completed until 1870, men began to occupy portions of the building as early as 1862.

8 - Burwash Prison Farm

In 1958, the now abandoned Camp Bison was opened at Burwash as a minimum security jail. A two-story E-shaped building housed up to 850 inmates in small cells with wooden doors instead of steel bars; the segregation wing being the only exception.

9 - McLeans Auto Wreckers

For many years, the McLeans Auto Wreckers automotive graveyard has not only been a popular place for car enthusiasts to find parts for their projects, it has also been a must see stop for photographers and explorers of all types!

McLeans is not abandoned and anyone can visit, just bring a couple of coffees and a $20 for the owners and you can stay as long as you like!

10 - Peter Grant Mansion

In 2005 work started on this massive, now abandoned mansion known as The Abandoned Peter Grant Mansion, which was to be used as an office complex, living quarters and a showcase for his products. Located in Northern Ontario, about 140 kilometres north of North Bay, Ont, the 65,000 square foot house would sit on the shores of a popular lake

However, a strong downturn in the global economy in 2007 hit the man hard.

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