Abandoned Camp 30 POW Site

Camp 30 is the now abandoned location of a former POW camp used during the Second World War.

In the early 1940’s, Camp 30 was the only camp in the world to house some of the highest-ranking third reich German officers captured by Allied forces.  This was  because Britain wanted to get them as far away from the war as possible.

It is said that roughly 880 german nazi officers stayed at Camp 30. 

Stories claim that Camp 30 was operated similar to a 5 star hotel with luxuries such as an indoor swimming pool, theatre, and concert stage, the camp’s true purpose was given away only by the barbed wire around it.

Camp 30 is also is the site of the famed Battle of Bowmanville where the German Prisoners staged a violent uprising.  The Canadian Armed Forces had to be called in to break up the mini-war.

After the war, the site had been used as a private training school, then a Catholic secondary school, and finally, as the Darul Uloom Islamic University.

Camp 30 has been in a state of abandonment for several years. 

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