Urban Exploring and Abandoned Photography by Freaktography, Urban Exploring Photography enthusiast from Ontario Canada

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Abandoned Photography: the eyesore on the corner, the creepy abandoned places you pass on the back-roads, these are the abandoned buildings with the boarded up windows.

To most people not into abandoned photography, abandoned buildings are just an ugly passing sight on a drive with little to no thought or consideration given.  But have you ever wondered what it looks like inside these abandoned places?

Abandoned Buildings come in all shapes, sizes and styles. To me all abandoned photography helps tell a different story, whether you make that story up in your own head or if  you piece all the parts of a story together.  Maybe the story is right there in front of you, all abandoned buildings have a history.

My hope is that my abandoned photography will help to tell these stories.

Freaktography Abandoned Photography

Something most people also don’t notice, or wouldn’t know of is the beauty in the decay of an abandoned building. Behind those boarded up doors and windows of these abandoned houses are winding staircases, furniture, decorative fixtures. The many years of multiple layers of paint, when decay sets in each layer peels away, unveiling a kaleidoscope of colours and it all makes for amazing abandoned photography.

These photos don’t usually need much post-processing: you can shoot in raw and use a raw image convertor after to make small adjustments and reveal the true beauty of abandoned photography to the maximum.

Wallpaper, years of wallpaper peeling away that reveals two, three, four, five layers of wallpaper. What I’ve come to admire about the abandoned house is what I call the pieces of life left behind, the mystery of what caused this home or business, once full of life to become dark and vacant. Many abandoned houses are completely empty, some still hold a few hints of the lives lived many years ago and some, for whatever reason still hold almost all of the relics and trinkets and pieces of everyday life.

Below is an ongoing gallery of some of my favorite abandoned photography from my explores of abandoned and derelict places all over Ontario, New York State, Michigan State and beyond.  To the right of the page is a menu where you can take a visual tour of the many abandoned places I have photographed.

Abandoned Photography by Freaktography