Peter Grant Mansion – Largest Abandoned Mansion in Canada

canadas largest abandoned mansion exterior peter grant mansion

Exploring the Peter Grant Mansion: Largest Abandoned Mansion in Canada | $25,000,000

Where do I even start with this one? I can start by telling you that Peter Grant wanted this to be the largest mansion in all of Canada


Once completed it would be a monster-home that dwarfed everything else in the area, possibly the country. The massive mansion was supposed to come complete with a small golf course, an art gallery, office area, swimming pool with a waterfall, squash court, two elevators, a giant hot tub, a small gym, a boathouse and 43 acres of land.


The home was built by a Canadian forest industry company that at its peak employed nearly 600 people in Ontario alone, and 715 across Canada.


The Company operated six mills – two in Ontario, one in Alberta and two in South Carolina – and was North America’s third-largest maker of oriented strand board (OSB), a product similar to plywood that’s used to build walls, floors and roofs.


In 2005 he started work on the mansion, which was to be used as an office complex, living quarters and a showcase for his products. Located in Northern Ontario, about 140 kilometres north of North Bay, Ont, the 65,000 square foot house would sit on the shores of a popular lake


However, a strong downturn in the global economy in 2007 hit the man hard.


When the housing market in the United States began to collapse, it dragged down OSB prices and forced the man to cut production. Within two years, OSB prices had fallen by two-thirds and his sales had dropped from $500-million to $184-million. Even worse, the downturn came just after the company had launched a costly expansion project at two mills.


The company tried to keep going but by June, 2009, it succumbed and filed for court protection from creditors, citing nearly $600-million in debt. The mills have since been sold and all remaining assets are up for sale… including this house.


They were forced to abandon construction on the mansion in 2008 so it hasn’t been completed yet, leaving a partly finished relic. At the very least, the property will require $1 million in upgrades to make the house liveable.


As part of the liquidation process the house has been on the multiple listing service for about a year now at an asking price of $25-million.


As of 2020 it is not clear who actually owns this property however news articles from June 2018 state that it is owned by a Toronto area company who also owns another vacant property in the same town.


My experience exploring this huge mansion was memorable, I drove approximately six hours to the location, arriving about two hours prior to sunset, which is why the video has so many great colours.


I focused my time on the first day on strictly shooting video, exploring and navigating the house. On day two I woke up with the sunrise and returned to capture my photographs and document as much as this mansion as I could.


On night one after my explore was complete I stayed to capture timelapse footage of the sun setting and the night creeping in, followed by a photo of the mansion, lit by a nearby street lamp and the bright stars over Lake Temiskaming


Featured on LoveProperty in January 2022: Inside the Peter Grant Mansion, Canada’s biggest abandoned house

Exterior Views of Canadas Largest Abandoned Mansion: The Peter Grant Mansion

Inside the Abandoned Peter Grant Mansion

Canadas Largest Abandoned Mansion at Night

inside canadas largest abandoned mansion peter grant mansion

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18 thoughts on “Peter Grant Mansion – Largest Abandoned Mansion in Canada”

  1. Gary Mckerracher

    Very nice pics but i live here & it sure does not look like that now,,, Alot more smashing & painting & all the bullet proof windows have been shot. Then theres the people in town that dont have a job they are poor & forced to watch all that Some people have gone & salvaged stuff & i say if you need 1 & its there go get it

  2. The people who vandalized that property should be very proud of their accomplishments.
    I find it hard to believe that the town and surrounding area couldn’t find a purpose for this structure and find a way to finish it. Even something like starting a trades school to complete the construction, followed by public pool, daycare, gym, community center, whatever.

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  4. Cheyenne Nester

    Wow amazing but sad at the same time I was shocked that it was a home cause it really looks like a Dr.office or something to bad they never finished it what they did bad people destroy something that was not theres to begin with that’s ashame that nobody pay attention or pay to get it done so it can enjoy the people or people’s that lives there what a waste of money time hard workers the property the enjoyment of life

  5. Linda Cooper

    A sadness overcame me as I scrolled through these images. I feel such an emptiness and don’t really know why it has touched me so deep. This uncompleted structure weeps from loneliness and I can feel it’s cry for a family. I pray that it will soon be bought, completed and filled with everything that it was intended to be.

  6. So here is a idea.
    The jails are full and the people inside need a job when they get out. I am sure there is skilled workers in jail so why not give them the opportunity to savage what is left and make it into something that maybe could be a rehab, a clinic..
    It doesn’t have to be all that is there..fill in the pool and bring it up to what normal (most of us) live in.
    This way, skilled people get to use their skills or show others the skill and when its complete the percentage of normal people can use something that we all need.

  7. a symbol of greed coming out of capitalism coupled to ego. I agree – turn it into a community building and see many get a benefit instead of a rich person who probably has two more somewhere else

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  9. What a waste

    Ignorant is bless in that town. Even the town mayor could of contact the government to see if the place be turn into something useful to benefit the town-Example hotel, resort, school, college, town hall come on. Now just the most expensive Canadian drug whore hang out-house

  10. Recession or not , this poor fool obviously bit off more than he could chew. Instead of making wise financial decisions , he spent . One can only imagine the lavish lifestyle this fellow lived based on the sheer gaudiness and grandeur of this palace of broken dreams . Assumptions of course . Anyone know what became of Mr Grant? Stunning architecture nonetheless

  11. Mr Grant is still rich and still doing very well for himself, rest assured. No need to feel sorry for him. This property has been purchased and is scheduled to be featured in a reno tv show. It is private property and monitored, I wouldn’t suggest making the drive if you’re inclined to go snoop.

  12. I worked at Ste Anne’s, that would have been a great idea! I live in Temiskaming Shores and that would be great for the economy, not to mention that it’s a beautiful spot!

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