Niagara Falls Power Station Tunnel Attraction

Exploring the Niagara Falls Power Station Tunnel Attraction – Before it was an Attraction

Starting July 1st you can finally get down to visit the tailrace tunnels at the Niagara Falls Power Station – formerly known as the Rankine Generating Station or Canadian Niagara Power.
This station shut down in 2006 after 25 hertz power was no longer needed, the North American standard was now 60 hertz, and this was bering provided by the Sir Adam Beck plant down river.
Between 2009 and 2019 a handful of explorers managed to find their way inside the plant, some came in from below and some came in from above – regardless of how they did it, exploring Rankine was something to be proud of!
For me, it required a stealthy entry into the building followed by a manic search for a way below the generator hall followed by another search for whatever the way down was.
I managed to discover a rusty metal ladder that took me down one level, followed by several more levels of rusty and damp ladders.
Finally I found a square piece of metal that was covering a small hole, and beyond that small hole was an extendable ladder at roughly 30 feet tall.
From there I was now 300 feet below the city and 2,500 feet from the lower Niagara River at the tailrace outfall.
In the pitch black, I had to dodge falling bricks and debris, avoid the many flows of water rushing down through cracks in the tunnel and navigate the uneven and broken floor of the tunnel with a steady flow of water flowing out and into the river
For you – this journey will be much easier and much safer.
– Walk to the door and buy a ticket
– Take a glass elevator 300 feet down through the bowels of the plant
– Exit into a newly paved, dry, well lit and secure tunnel.
– Walk on a nice flat surface for 2,500 feet until you reach the newly built fenced in observation deck to enjoy a brand new view of Niagara Falls that was once only reserved for the brave and the stupid!
Learn more about this new attraction from the Niagara Parks and buy tickets here:

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