Freaktography x Urban Downfall

In my time doing this hobby I’ve made some great friends and met some awesome people. I may not tell them that often enough, I probably should!
One of my favourite people in this hobby is Urban Downfall, he’s (in my opinion) as good as they come and his dedication to the hobby is unmatched.
Years ago he started a silly tradition of taking photos of himself sweeping in every abandoned place that he explores, because there is always a broom.
He has compiled a collection of hundreds upon hundreds of incredible self portraits, while sweeping.
I will often mock him when I find a broom and send him a picture, or I will send him a picture of me flipping off the brooms that I know he has used.
Earlier this year for my birthday we got to spend a few hours together in an abandoned jail, we spent more time chatting and hanging out than anything else – but of course we spent some time together getting each of our signature shots together – his sweeping and my posing!
I present to you Freaktography x Urban Downfall
You can follow him on Instagram at this account where he posts sometimes
And his Broomman/Le Balayeur account here
He also has a gallery on his facebook page linked above with many Broomman photos!