Canadas Most Photographed Abandoned House | The Abandoned Guyitt House Ontario

Canadas Most Photographed Abandoned House | The Abandoned Guyitt House Ontario

The Guyitt House is an old abandoned farmhouse sandwiched between green fields and blue skies located off of historical Talbot Trail, which hugs the north shore of Lake Erie in Chatham-Kent

This is where you can find the most photographed home in southwestern Ontario, the title coined by curious photographers all over Ontario.

Built in 1845, the Guyitt house is now owned by a local man named Peter Anderson. His grandparents, Roy and Ethel Guyitt, bought the home in 1908. At that time, it was already 50 years old. 

Over the years, several adjustments have been made to the house. The brick, which was falling off, was removed for safety reasons, as well as a front porch and two barns in the back that have since burned down.

The Guyitt House is well watched by a neighbour named Harold and while they don’t mind people pulling off on the shoulder to snap photos from the road, they don’t like it when people enter the old home – so if you visit the house, don’t do that!

Guyitt House Daytime Visit 2020

Guyitt House Night Pics #1 – Lume Cube Panel Pro

Everyone knows the Guyitt House, often referred to as the most photographed abandoned house in all of Canada.

I recently got a fancy new light to play with and the first thing I thought to do was to head to the Guyitt house and light it up. I have also really been wanting to do drone lighting here too as it’s the perfect location for it!

The light is called a Lume Cube Panel Pro, when LumeCube sent me this light to try out and review for their launch, this was exactly the first idea that I had for using it.
I headed two hours west to the famous Guyitt House with three ideas:

1 – Place the light inside to illuminate the interior
2 – Place the light outside to light the house up in different colours
3 – Put one of my smaller Lume Cubes on my drone and light it from above, more on this below

The concepts worked out exactly as i wanted them to and this new light definitely passed the test!
One of the awesome things about this light is the app, I could stay behind my camera and change the colours on my phone.
Even better, I was able to put it on “loop” mode and the Panel Pro just looped through all 360 RGB colours, so every photo I took was a different colour.
This light is super durable, very light and the size of a cell phone, it takes up NO room in your camera bag either!

Guyitt House Night  Pics #2 – Lume Cube Drone Lighting

For the drone lighting, I have only done this a few times and still have a lot to learn. Normally I would have swapped out the sky or removed the drone with clone stamping but I actually really like the way the drone looks here. I left the drone in a stationary position and then just rotated it.

For the second one I placed the drone just out of frame and zipped it back and forth, this came out exactly as I wanted it to!




This gallery was sponsored brought to you by the brand new Lume Cube Panel Pro

When you need the full spectrum of possibility, the Panel PRO is your go-to creative ally. Smart, Slim, and portable with 360 RGB colors, 1-100% brightness adjustability, and easy-to-use Bluetooth control, it’s as thin as your smartphone and powerful enough to light up whatever you dream up in brilliant, reliable color.

Lit with the brand new Lume Cube Panel Pro, just released yesterday by Lume Cube

Here is your link to check it out and buy the Lume Cube Panel Pro, I would act fast if I were you, this one will sell quick!

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RGB Panel Pro

You can see my unboxing, review and product test video here (and my new beard!!)

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  1. So the article says not to go inside the house, yet you still went inside. Interesting

  2. So did you get permission to enter the house? I know the answer is no. Nice breaking and entering.

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