Abandoned Barber Paper Mill

abandonedn barber paper mill photography

This abandoned property is known as the Barber Paper Mill. There is always something hauntingly beautiful about abandoned places, which makes them stunning spots to take photos and Barber Paper Mill is no exception

Located in Georgetown Ontario, the Barber Paper Mill was the first electrical generating plant in North America, built in 1854. At its prime, the Mill was the largest industry in Halton Ontario, run by John Barber – who is now rumoured to haunt the abandoned property.

The Mill produced book paper, posters and newspaper, and employed hundreds of workers from surrounding communities until 1948.

In 2008, the 13-acre complex was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The Town of Halton Hills, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, and the owner/developer Everlast Group, have yet to decide on what the future holds for the ruins.

There have been discussions of turning the property into a 44-room hotel, 50,000 sq. ft of commercial space, or a 14-storey, 240-unit condominium, but nothing has been confirmed.

Although the space is obviously suffering from neglect, vandalism, and the harsh elements, it serves as an important reminder of the past, and offers a uniquely beautiful property to appreciate and capture on film.

Abandoned Barber Paper Mill 2020


Abandoned Barber Paper Mill 2012

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  1. I would love to explore and take photos at this location! I love your work, I want to get more into urbex exploration! Can you share the coordinates?

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