Exploring Ontario’s Waterfalls Episode #10: Eugenia Falls Waterfall

Exploring Ontario’s Waterfalls Episode #10: Eugenia Falls Waterfall

Situated in the very tiny Village of Eugenia Ontario, Eugenia Falls Conservation Area encompasses 23 hectares of Niagara Escarpment, river valley and upland forests. A part of the Grey County Waterfalls Tour.

Visiting Eugenia Falls

NOTE: At the time of posting of this gallery, the base of Eugenia Falls is closed to

the public, as are many of the trails.

Please respect the current rules and only enjoy these falls from the proper designated viewing areas.

Eugenia Falls History

Eugenia Falls was discovered in 1852 where Eugenia Falls was the scene of “Fools Gold” rush.  Later it became the location of five mills and a small private electric plant and by 1905, was the chosen site of the second hydroelectric plant in Ontario.  In 1915, Ontario Hydro moved the plant to the north and created Lake Eugenia, allowing more control over the water levels.

The waterfall was called Eugenia following a suggestion from some ex-soldiers of the French Army.  They suggested that the waterfall be named after Princess Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

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