Exploring an Abandoned Time Capsule Cabin Hoarder House

abandoned time capsule cabin hoarder house

Exploring an Abandoned Time Capsule Cabin Hoarder House

This Abandoned Time Capsule Cabin Hoarder House was originally found by RiddimRyder Photography a few years back.

He named it “Brokeback cabin“, you’ll have to ask him what the hell that means!

For me, well this was the first time I had an accident in an abandoned house, no not an accident in my pants – like almost got hurt!

I was in the basement of the house and made my way up the stairs to the main level, at the top of the stairs there was a hole in the roof, providing a steady stream of rain water and snow. This was the perfect storm to create a nice rotten top step…something I wasn’t paying attention to.

As I stepped on the top step it gave out on me and in slow motion i began falling into the basement, like actually in hilarious slow motion.

A landed on my back on the basement floor, the only injury was a nasty scrape on my right shin. It wasn’t really bleeding that much so I wasn’t too concerned.

I continue on with my explore of the house and when I’m done and back to my car I give the nasty scrape some attention.

I don’t have a proper first aid kit but I do have 1) hand sanitizer and 2) bandaids.

So, like Rambo when he uses gunpowder and fire to cauterize a through and through bullet wound, I clean my hands with hand sanitizer and then with a deep breath I apply a healthy amount of hand sanitizer to my right shin.

The burning stings deep and I let out a groan, but I’m satisfied that this has done the job, I apply three bandaids and over the next 4 weeks this thing becomes a deep and nasty scab, and now I have a nice little scar on my leg and a story to go along with it!

As I explored this abandoned time capsule cabin hoarder house, I couldn’t tell if it’s a hoarder house or if they just had a lot of shit, and it’s been tossed all around.

If you look at RiddimRyder Photographys gallery you’ll see the difference a few years makes.

This was the kind of house that you’re super excited about when you first walk in but you then find your self too overwhelmed with all of the stuff.


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