1970s Abandoned House in Niagara on the Lake Ontario

Abandoned 1970s House

1970s Abandoned House in Niagara on the Lake Ontario

This is a 1970s abandoned house with a total 70s feel that used to be located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.

Discovered first by Ground State Photography, this unique 1970s styled and decorated house still contained many items inside from books to records and more.  Most interesting was in the basement where there seemed to be every single issue of Time magazine from the first issue through to the last one delivered before the home was abandoned.  Sadly I only took one photo of the stack, I should have taken photos of them individually.

Not quite an abandoned time capsule house, but this abandoned house was pretty close!

The following write up on the home owners was written and provided by another explorer back in 2015:

Patryk Bujak was born in 1920’s Poland, and after surviving the Second World War he found himself yearning for a place to call home. Patryk would soon find that home with his wife Zofia. Emigrating to Canada in the early 1950’s, Patryk and Zofia settled a large plot of luscious land and immediately set to work building the foundation of their field of dreams. Using their old world agricultural skills, Patryk and Zofia would go on to see success in selling the fruits of their labor.

When Patryk wasn’t toiling in the earth, he could often be found tinkering in his basement tool shop. Surrounded by A myriad of saw blades, screwdrivers, and soldering irons Patryk would work the wood of the land. He would go on to create the crafted cabinets in his house, where Zofia would proudly display the many trinkets of her travels abroad.

By all indications, Patryk and Zofia shared a love for each other that spanned many decades of devotion. Living off their land they led the quaint and quiet life. They would go on to have children to whom they passed on the affinity of agriculture to and in turn have children of their own. Unfortunately at 66, Patryk would succumb to age, leaving behind Zofia to fend for the family farm. Carrying on the memory of Patryk, Zofia poured her heart and soul into their slice of heaven, ultimately bringing her spirit closer to his.

Reading through the titles of Patryk’s book collection one could surmise that he was a well-read man who enjoyed dabbling in the arts and sciences of the time. An amateur astronomer, I can only imagine the amount of time spent peering through his telescope charting the star systems. Further titles would reveal Patryk’s affection for science, philosophy, and history. Patryk was nothing short of a successful Renaissance man excelling at everything he put his effort behind.

1970s Abandoned House in Niagara on the Lake Ontario