Abandoned 3 Million Dollar AirBNB Mansion

Exploring an ABANDONED $3,000,000 AirBNB Mansion with a Flooded Basement

This is a super unique layout for an abandoned mansion, valued at $3,000,000 this house was used as an AirBNB, formerly known as Airbnb Villa Home.

This home and each home to the left and right of it are slated to be demolished and rezoned for “12 single detached dwelling lots, a new public road and a future road allowance block on the subject lands.”

@Carlo Paolozza and I arrived here shocked to find several cars parked in the driveway of this abandoned mansion, but we quickly realized that the cars were construction workers who were working at the site across the street. So, we joined them and we parked right in the driveway LOL

Inside were were amazed at the layout of the home, one large square that surrounds a pool and a totally flooded basement.

And the mirrors, this house had more mirrors than any other house I had been in before.

Come on inside and Join Carlo Paolozza and I as we explore this large abandoned Air BNB mansion!


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Carlo Paolozza

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