Abandoned $4,000,000 Hollywood Movie Mansion

abandoned 4 million dollar hollywood movie mansion

Exploring an ABANDONED $4,000,000 Mansion | Hollywood Movie Mansion

This location is an abandoned 4,000,000 hillside estate

The Abandoned Hill side Estate was built in the 1940’s in an area surrounded by farm fields making it an ideal place for total seclusion! It was by itself up until the 1960’s when the surrounding was developed. Rumors swirled in the new development about the Estate that there were secret tunnels under it but those were never confirmed & later owners said they found no evidence of such tunnels.

The amazing landscaping was created shortly after the estate was built by an English landscape architect & her husband & business partner. The couple has designed landscapes many private estates & founded a well known nursery which was needed to create the many beautiful landscapes with various shrubs & plants. For many years during the spring, nearby university students in the landscape architecture program would visits to study the grounds.

The grounds & the mansion were used extensively in videos, commercials & television shows over the years however these days it sits, quiet. Over the years many events were held at the mansion & even included the likes of Willie Nelson! I sincerely hope that if others do find this place they treat it with the respect it deserves.

Come on inside and me as I explore the abandoned $4,000,000 hillside estate

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  1. Why is it abandoned? who lived there? it looks like it is in great shape

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