Abandoned AkzoNobel Chemical Factory

abandoned condemned chemical factory

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In this video, we’re going to explore the eerie ruins of a condemned chemical facility.
This factory was once producing dangerous chemicals that have caused serious health consequences for the people who lived nearby.
Now the factory is abandoned, and it’s a unique location for photographers like us to explore. It’s a scary place, but it’s also a fascinating location for photography. Stay tuned for some creepy photos from our visit to this abandoned chemical factory!

This now-demolished chemical plant was formerly the AkzoNobel Chemical plant Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec.

The factory opened in 1985 under the name Alby Chlorates, followed by Eka Chimie, Eka Nobel and AzkoNobel in 1994.

The factory mainly produced sodium chlorate, used as a bleach in the paper pulp industry. The closure was brought on by a global surplus of sodium nitrate.

The closure in March of 2019 left 50 people in the area out of work.

Just a few weeks ago demolition on the buildings was completed.

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