Abandoned Antiques and Old Abandoned Cars

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A House Full of Abandoned Antiques and Old Abandoned Cars

Walking into this abandoned house it was pretty unremarkable. Empty rooms, spray-painted walls and an odd collection of antiques and items scattered all over the house in places where they don’t belong. The house was full of old abandoned antiques like dressers, a hutch, an old desk, record players and an old radio, outside there were dozens of old abandoned cars.

We took the opportunity to make our own story here, create our own scenes and photograph the room the way we wanted to. RiddimRyder and I scoured the house looking to collect all the best parts of this house we could find and make our own story.

As any good explorer would do, when we were done we tore down all the set ups and put everything back the way we found it. So now we can present this house our own way!

Abandoned Antiques and Old Abandoned Cars Photo Gallery

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