Abandoned Blacksmith Shop Frozen in Time

This abandoned Blacksmith Shop has been abandoned for over 40 years, I’ve been told.
There was a squatter living upstairs so I had to move quietly so as to not disturb him.
The floor was completely frozen in some parts and other parts had several inches of freezing and slushy water.
This was a pretty interesting and unique explore for sure!!
Forging work started here in roughly 1900 and the building itself dates back to the 1870s.
An article notes that the building was set to be demolished around 2010 but has since been given heritage designation.
Well, it’s time to block and finish these posts of the abandoned blacksmith shop, these photos are the end loss, or slag of this knockout location!
They are a bit of a mismatch of multiple blanks.
I hope you enjoyed the photos over the last few days and that they didn’t result in any shrinkage or upsetting and that you held a level of tolerance.
So now I will quench this location and we move on tomorrow to something else

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