The Abandoned Brady Bunch House Retro Abandoned House

Exploring The Abandoned Brady Bunch House | Retro Abandoned House


In September of 2018 a young fellow explorer named Ethan Minnie discovered what would come to be known as “The Abandoned Brady Bunch House”.  The home was nicknamed this due to the very retro and mid century decor found throughout the house, it was right out of the Brady Bunch.

This retro abandoned house is a 4 Level side split that was custom built in 1960, it has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and one kitchen. The now Abandoned House was built and owned by the original family from 1960 until it was left abandoned in September 2017. The home, which has an estimate market value of over $3,000,000 is now awaiting demolition so a newer more modern house can take its place.

Photos from other explorers showed a well kept home, no damage, no vandalism, basically an old empty home awaiting demolition.  My visit was in the winter and unfortunately, it seemed that very recently at least three water pipes had burst from the cold weather leaving many parts of the home flooded.  In addition to the flooding, all of the water running has created an insane amount of condensation on every single wall in the house, even if the water is shut off now, the damage is done and come warmer weather this house will be entirely consumed by black mould.

I was going to search for the main water shut off valve but the house still has power so stepping into a flooded basement would not have been my smartest move!

Aside from every room having a different wallpaper decor, carpets and each having its own unique look, the coolest part of this home is a small hidden games room in an upper attic from the dining room behind a wood panelled door that is a part of the dining room wall.  Natural light though a large window, pub style lights and a beautiful pool table await any explorers who venture up these stairs, a truly interesting find.

In addition to the water leaks, sadly before my visit someone had kicked in a door to access the home and had broken some glass around the back of the house.  This is always unfortunate to see but luckily no real damage was done to the inside of the house so others can still enjoy it in it’s current state until the home is finally demolished.


Here is my photo gallery from the Abandoned Brady Bunch House