The Abandoned Building of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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The Abandoned Building of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

This location is one I am calling The Abandoned Building of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, while browsing the photos it may appear that I am showing clips/shots from two different locations. That is not the case, you are looking at a building with one portion that was built in 1922 with additions built in the 50’s and then in the 60’s.

The building saw mixed uses over the years from a single owner occupying the whole building to being separated and split for a number of different organizations. In/around 2001 the building was sold to a developer and there is now a plan in place to demolish the newer additions, preserve the original 1922 portion and build a condo development on the site

Entering this location and heading to the west, the air inside was thick and stale with decay, black mold and all kinds of nasty business everywhere. This was clearly the side that will be demolished.

Navigating the stairwells and the various levels the air got thicker, as did the cobwebs. Lots of evidence of police or military training was found inside, lots of decay, black mold and all the nastiness that comes with what we do.

We were about to leave and move onto the next location when one of us found a door that opened to the other side of the abandoned building. We couldn’t believe the difference and that we were actually seeing this in the same place!

On this side of the building the air was fresh, the heat was on, there was still power but it’s been closed and unused for quite some time.




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