ABANDONED Drug Dealers House

ABANDONED Drug Dealer's House with Unique Decor, Outdoor Pool and a Stolen Moped

The Abandoned Drug Dealers House

This is the story of the Abandoned Drug Dealers House, In the winter of 2018 we set out to explore a number of locations that had been discovered on Google maps by RiddimRyder , one of these houses was a strange object seen on google maps located down a very long driveway on a vast piece of land entirely surrounded by dense brush and forest.

As we approached the property we parked off site and made our way over the fence, that’s when a man in a truck spotted us and stopped, possibly taking note of Riddims license plate and then he just watched to see what we were doing, as we pretended to be nature photographers.

Once truck man left we decided to drop me off to go and investigate the house while Carlo Paolozza and Riddim waited out in the car parked up the road.  I took a very long and tricky walk through knee high snow through the thick and dense forest to finally arrive to the property.  I discovered a very uniquely shaped abandoned house with an outdoor pool, 2 car detached garage, a barn and a large tennis court.  The exterior of the home looked to be in good condition and the inside was also very nice.

Oddly, upon entry I discovered a moped and a helmet inside the living room area as well as a washing machine, brand new and a very nice pub style dining room table.  The rest of the house was a combination of unique colour choices, strange wall paper and motion sensors in every room.

It was oddly shaped with some long strange hallways and multiple living areas, no real interesting contents but a unique design.

It wasn’t until we left and I got home to research the property and the names found on some paperwork that this was once the home of a drug dealer who used the property to grow marijuana and also produce meth.  He was caught and charged with an illegal marijuana grow op and production of meth with intent to distribute for both substances.  He was also in possession of large amounts of cash and stolen goods.