Abandoned Federal Government Industrial Site

Abandoned Federal Government Industrial Site Urban Exploring

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This Abandoned Federal Government Industrial Site occupies an entire city block in Canada and is set for a major redevelopment.

This block has a significant heritage status, with several on-site buildings having a heritage designation. These buildings have been recognized due to their architectural style and their contribution to the historical development of a major Canadian industry.

Despite the site’s heritage status, the rezoning plan will pave the way for a number of new high-rises. The tallest of these buildings will reach almost 30 storeys, with various additions to existing buildings. However, the redevelopment plan will retain seven of the red-brick heritage buildings, which date back as far as the early 1900s.

This city block has a rich history of being a major federal research facility that played a critical role in the development of major Canadian industries between the early to mid-1900s.

Despite the heritage designation, only the outer shells of the heritage buildings will be retained in the redevelopment.

The inside of these buildings, including the labs and special-purpose offices, were not given heritage status. Therefore, they will be completely redeveloped, while the heritage buildings’ outer shells will be preserved.

The redevelopment of this entire city block is a significant milestone with the retention of seven of the red-brick heritage buildings, the site’s historical significance will be preserved. Meanwhile, the rezoning plan for new high-rises and various additions to existing buildings will pave the way for modern developments that meet the needs of today’s industries.

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