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Abandoned Fire Arson House | Urban Exploration | Arson

Here is an abandoned fire arson house that I have been watching and wondering about for some time. Its location makes the approach tricky but I decided to go for it recently and was very pleased with what I discovered inside.

It’s another house almost fully intact with contents but for a much different reason than many of the other abandoned houses that I explore.

In 2013 this house caught fire and it was the result of a suspicious arson.  At the time, the owner was away for a family function and it was the neighbours who heard the fire alarm going off and called 911.  The fire seemed to have started and focused in one portion of the house, having been inside I assume now that this was in the kitchen.

The owner was not able to get back inside to retrieve any personal items due to the fact that it was now an arson investigation.

Ultimately it would be reported that the fire caused nearly $800,000 in damages and the owner never returned to fix the house however the home was released back to the owner eventually.

This home has sat vacant and in this condition for over 5 years, it currently sits in the real estate market for a whopping $4,000,000.