Four Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Four Million Dollar Mansion

Exploring an Abandoned Four Million Dollar Mansion

This video was filmed in a large abandoned four million dollar unwanted mansion.  Originally discovered and explored by RiddimRyder and Zenning with Zay, you would have no idea that there is anything wrong with this house – until you see the basement.

The exterior, main floor and upstairs are all in pristine condition, but the basement has become consumed by Black Mold in almost every room.

This large estate home is built in 1.5 Acres with Granite, Exotic Hardwoods, Tumbled Limestone, Marble and so much more!

The house has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and an amazing staircase in the main foyer, it is a real shame to see that this house has been lost to black mold and likely to be demolished soon.

Thanks once again to RiddimRyder for sharing another great discovery with us to explore


RiddimRyder Photography

Zenning with Zay

Carlo Paolozza

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