Abandoned Funeral Home Urban Exploring

A now abandoned long time family run funeral home, the first location in the history of this funeral home opened in the early 1900’s.  This location closed sometime between 2010 and 2015 when the owner decided it was time to retire.

The building is in fairly good condition with only some damage to ceiling tiles and possibly a leaky roof.  I was very surprised when entering the now vacant and somewhat abandoned funeral home to find how much had been left behind.   I had explored another old funeral home in 2016 and there was literally nothing left behind whatsoever.  However, this funeral home was different as I was greeted by multiple caskets immediately upon walking in.  It seemed as though not much had been touched, moved or changed and there was zero vandalism or signs of squatting.  I may use the term abandoned and vacant, but it is obvious that someone still owns this building…they just have not used it in many many years since closing.

I decided to start by simply capturing the building and it’s contents just as I found them before I moved anything around and I also made the decision to not get inside the caskets for any of my usual goofy self portraits.

The funeral home had one large visitation room and a smaller sitting room plus a very large chapel with wooden pews, a beautiful stained glass window and a shiny black grand piano.  Upstairs was where the offices were, a consulting room and casket/urn sales and display area.  Up here is where I found three more regular sized caskets, a small childs casket and many urns, two of which seemed to contain the unclaimed cremated remains of two deceased people.

Back down on the main floor in the garage was the embalming/prep room, much much different than the one in the other funeral home I visited in 2016.  This was one small room with a gurney, some other equipment, embalming machines, trocars, body bags and more.  It as certainly an eerie room to be in.

I would make three separate visits to this old funeral home to be sure I captured the contents and experience properly, I can only hope now that future visitors show the same respect and that it not fall into the hands of the wrong people.

Thanks for viewing, below is my complete video of the experience and a full photography gallery of this unique and rare urban exploring adventure.

Abandoned Funeral Home Urban Exploring Video

Abandoned Funeral Home Photography Gallery