Abandoned Hamilton Westinghouse Building 2014

Exploring the Abandoned Canadian Westinghouse Building

The Canadian Westinghouse head office was built in 1917, designed by Prack & Perrine, the predecessor to Prack & Prack, designers of the Pigott building and Lister Block.

The five-storey brick and stone building (two more storeys were added in 1928) became a landmark in the Barton and Sanford area.

The large, arched windows of the ground floor and decorative keystones and cornices were key elements in the building’s dignified design and projected a proud corporate image.

In 2001, the city took possession of the Hamilton Westinghouse building for tax arrears. They estimated it would take $5 million to repair the heritage designated building. It was put up for sale as surplus property and bought for $200,000 in 2003.

Now, the building has been purchased, restored and renovated.

Known now as Westinghouse HQ, the building offers over 40,000 square feet of space for unique retail and office opportunities.

Westinghouse has been synonymous with industrial and corporate excellence in Hamilton, be part of the tradition by selecting Westinghouse HQ for your business.


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