Abandoned Harley Davidson and Live Bullets

abandoned house with harley davidson and live bullets



In this explore, we find an awesome discovery: a forgotten Harley Davidson motorcycle in an abandoned house full of live bullets! 

This abandoned house was another very dangerous death trap type of explore. 

The interior of the house is is a disaster of soft floors, black mold, collapsed walls and ceiling, holes in the roof,  live rounds and more.

From the exterior it is very clearly an abandoned house with a Jeep sitting in the driveway with deflated tires.

The Exterior

The Rooms

Entering the house, the air is cool and damp, the floors are soft and it’s a total disaster.

There were several rooms and a very interesting interior layout to the house, the holes in the roof made for some great natural lighting.

The strange thing is that every room has several bullets, literally every room, even in the bathroom.

On one room there were dozens of empty gun cases and in another room there were empty safes for storing guns safely.  It would seem that this was either a very avid shooter or collector or perhaps it was used as a gun club at some point, as that would explain the amounts of ammo as if it was purchased in bulk.

They seemed to be reusing bullet casings and making their own ammo based on the amount of projectiles and spent casings scattered all over the house.

The Bullets!

As I said above, there were bullets everywhere, used casings, live rounds, buck shot, projectiles – everywhere!

The Details

Every room in this house has interesting details, there as an old film camera, trophies, books, two electric guitars and so much more!!

The Elvis Presley Bust

I’ve always had a thing for these old Elvis Presley busts and in the back of my mind I have always wanted to find one in an abandoned house. 

In 10 years of exploring I have yet to find one, until this house!But it wasn’t just any Elvis Presley bust, it was an old decaying one – which made it even better!

I had to shoot it from every angle!

The Harley Davidson

My mind was blown when I walked into the garage from the basement, who in their right mind leaves a Harley Davidson behind?  

This is one of the constant questions in this hobby, what happened?  What were the circumstances that. led this person to leave and to leave this thing behind to rot the way it is??

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