Abandoned Hoarders House

HOARDERS: BURIED ALIVE! See the Unbelievable Discoveries Inside This Creepy Abandoned Hoarder House!

In this video, we go inside an incredibly creepy hoarder house. What we found will blow your mind!

Urban explorers, rejoice! This is one of the most amazing discoveries we’ve ever made. We go inside a hoarder house, and what we find is absolutely disgusting and unbelievable. This is one of the most dangerous and dangerous places we’ve ever been, and we can’t recommend it enough. If you’re interested in exploring abandoned and scary places, then this is the video for you!

Unbelievable Discovery Inside This Creepy Hoarder House – What We Found Will Blow Your Mind!

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Abandoned House Video

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About This Abandoned House

A Subscriber on YouTube managed to come up with a few small bits of info from some of the names that he was able to see.

“The rough ages of the people seem to point towards this home potentially being occupied by two people (potentially brother/sister or husband/wife), both of which have medical backgrounds.

One is still practicing as a doctor while the other had their license revoked for a period and then two years later resigned from practicing.

I can pretty much say with certainty that this home has not been occupied for likely 15-20 years based on the very old products/packages I can see and the state of decay.

I’m not sure where the house is however.”

I really don’t know where to start with this house, it’s located in a normal subdivision, surrounded by beautiful homes with families.

This one doesn’t actually look so bad either at a quick glance.

But inside is a whole other story, I don’t know for sure if this is hoarding, extreme squatting or what. I do know one thing, this house is toast!

The majority of the structural damage comes from the roof which you can see in some of the photos – especially the last one.

At least three holes in the roof are dropping insulation, water, ice, snow etc into the house.

On the left side of the house the damage is the worst, the hole in the roof has totally collapsed the ceiling and its contents into the master bedroom which then has gone through the floor down to the main floor, which has softened the main floor to the point I’m surprised I didn’t drop into the basement!

I really struggled here to keep my photos straight, since I use a tripod, there was not one part of this house where I could place all three tripod legs on an even surface.

We’ll be looking at this one for the next few days so for today, have a look at some wide shots of the rooms, look at the clutter, the trash and the destruction.

I wonder if the neighbours have any idea whats happening inside this house?

A reddit user offered this info about the typewriter in the bedroom:
“Fun fact about that typewriter, which would be valuable if in working order. It was made by Alpina, a German industrial machine company that switched in the 60’s from making typewriters and textile looms to tuning BMW cars which to this day they distribute as being their own brand. Alpina continues to be independent from but still have full support and production integration with BMW, the carmaker. Kinda nuts.”
The piano is a Yamaha C5 Grand Piano which can sell for around $25,000 used and lists for over $60,000 brand new.
I also learned that one of the addresses in the house is a commercial/office building and the unit number is for a doctor’s office.
The name of one of the doctors there matches one of the names found in the house.
Another name found in the house, also the same last name as above graduated from medical school in 1981 and had some type of sanction against them for improper conduct around 1992-1993).
By 1995 he resigned from membership.

The Interior


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