Abandoned Hoarders Time Capsule House

abandoned country cabin time capsule house

Abandoned Hoarders Time Capsule House

For this abandoned location we’re looking at an amazing hoarders time capsule house that comes to us courtesy of Brent from Abandoned Urbex Canada.

Brent has been exploring abandoned places all over Canada for over 30 years, but I have only recently discovered him and his work. I highly recommend that you follow him at his social links below and spend some time looking through his stuff. He has a real talent for seeking out and discovering amazing locations.

Brent was kind enough to share this location and others with me, so the least we can do is be following him!!


The story of this abandoned house seems to start happy but unfortunately it doesn’t have a very happy ending.

The woman and man who lived in this house liked to keep themselves busy, he built and repaired clocks out of the basement of the house. He had an entire workshop with tools of the trade and machines made for building clocks of all shapes and sizes.

She loved to collect dolls, trinkets and miniatures and she also loved to read. In the living room, all of her dolls were proudly on display and her miniatures and trinkets all placed lovingly in display cabinets. In the bedroom, hundreds of well read books stacked very neatly on the shelves.

Together, they also appeared to have run a printing business, in the basement sat an old printing press with lots of ink and paper, printing done the old fashioned way. In the garage sat another more modern printer as well

Somewhere along the way however, things took a turn and collecting turned into hoarding and the house became overcome with more and more things. These things began to stack on in rooms, in hallways, blocking doors and stacked on furniture.

After I had posted a few photos on my Facebook page, I got a message from someone who is a member of the family.

He advised me that they have not yet had a chance to clean out the house and other family matters have taken priority.

He was actually very civil and pleasant to speak with and when I asked if he would like me to delete the photos and stop posting he said:

“No its eye candy, I understand the want to explore, just be careful when entering houses that look abandoned”

I can respect this mans position, he follows abandoned pages, he enjoys the photography and he respects the hobby and just because it’s now HIS family property he didn’t go off the handle and demand we take it down.

I did not pry for more information but I did offer him the opportunity to add to the story, but he didn’t send me anything.

What I will tell you is that the ashes of the woman who lived here are still in the house, and they were found on the floor in a hallway.

The individual who first discovered this house and saw the cremated remains called the local funeral home to see if there was anything he could do.

The Funeral home said the family did not do an obituary, funeral or anything, they simply picked up the ashes and just put her in the hallway as they didn’t know what to do with her.

On our visit, we picked up the box with the ashes and placed them on a mantle with some photos until the family returns and decides what to do.

The man I spoke with yesterday said he does plan to return to retrieve some items, some photos and the ashes. I have offered him my help, no strings attached, if he would like some help cleaning up the home and maybe getting some items to a new home, and/or goodwill. I do hope he takes me up on my offer as I want to do right by all of this.

There are now still more questions than answers but I let this man tell me what info he wanted and I didn’t push for more.

So, with all of that said here are some final photos to close this location off, I will not be sharing the video or the whole photo gallery, we’re just going to end it here.

If I end up being invited back to help clean up, I’ll post an update.

A final note to other explorers watching and wanting to go here, knowing what we do now – I would strongly advise against it.\

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