Abandoned Hot Tub Time Machine House

Exploring the Abandoned Hot Tub Time Machine House

I’m not sure why feel the need to name the houses we find and explore, I suppose it’s because we can’t list the address or business name…so we find something about the location and apply that to the name.  So, this is the abandoned hot tub time machine house for the simple fact that it has a hot tub inside…no, there is no time machine inside.

I was exploring a large mansion across the road from this house and discovered this and a few other across the street that were also abandoned.  What was unique..or strange about this house was the fact that they took a large bedroom upstairs and added drywall, created a very narrow hallway and closed off a room for a hot tub.  Stranger still was this wall ended right in the middle of a window, leaving half of the window in the hot tub room and the other half in the skinny hallway.

Also bizarre in this abandoned house was the living room area with random furniture that looked like it had never been used before and simply placed here to furnish a room.

I almost feel as though this home was used for some illegal purpose, but i have very little evidence to support that.

Anyway, this is just another odd and unique abandoned house for you to enjoy, here are the photos and video