Abandoned Hotel With Heart Shaped Jacuzzi Tubs

Join  @Carlo Paolozza  s0s1nc3r3 and I as we explore this This Abandoned Hotel With Heart Shaped Jacuzzi Tubs.

The video and location are interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the intro and the outro!!!!

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This derelict and abandoned hotel has had its fair share or hard times.
Forced to rename and rebrand several times, nothing seemed to help business, all mostly because of the extremely outdated interior of the facility.
From Days Inn to Knights Inn to Ramada and more – nothing could convince people to leave positive reviews.
You can put lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day – you’re still left with a pig!
Not helping matters, the constantly changing restaurant only confused people, is it a breakfast restaurant, is it a steak house, is it a pub…wait now it’s Vietnamese?? 
While exploring, you will notice the top floor was in mid renovations before they were forced to close due to constantly poor reviews, empty rooms and no customers to fill them.

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