Abandoned House Meaford Ontario Canada

abandoned house meaford ontario

Abandoned House Meaford Ontario Canada

This abandoned house was a very quick stop just outside of Meaford, Ontario. RiddimRyder gave me the coordinates to the house, knowing I would be in that area, not even paying attention to my map I drove right past it and recognized it right away.

Very much overgrown and with some kind of business once ran out of some other buildings on the property, this home was actually quite dangerous inside

I found myself nearly stepping on exposed rusty nails in every room, causing me to slow down and have to watch my every step. In (what was once) the living room, I felt myself standing with a severe tilt as the homes foundation had shifted quite significantly.

The exterior made the stop worth while however, with a perfect blue sky and a few puffy clouds, this home made for some great abandoned house exterior photos.

While the home didn’t offer much of interest, you can see more in my photo gallery below