Abandoned House with Old Trucks and a Forgotten Wedding Dress

Old GMC Truck Winter Scene

Exploring an old abandoned house with abandoned cars and we found an old wedding dress!

Here we’re exploring an old abandoned house with old trucks and a forgotten wedding dress, located in Southern Ontario Canada. It was a freezing cold winter day and Carlo Paolozza, RiddimRyder and myself set off on a day full of abandoned houses

What made this house unique was the several old cars and trucks that peppered the grounds, each collecting rust and encased in a layer of ice.

Also of interest in this house was an old tattered wedding dress found in a womans bedroom.

Join carlo, riddim and myself on this adventure and let’s see what we get up to!

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Another fun fact, the day we explored this house it was probably minus 20 and windy. RiddimRyder and I were warm and cozy in our winter exploring gear.

Carlo Paolozza was wearing his Adidas Italian Guy Jacket and running shoes and in the very spot where I am standing, The UBC fell ankle deep in an ice water pot hole. later on he also dropped waist deep into another giant snow hole!

There is quite literally never a dull moment when you’re exploring with UBC!

The inside of this abandoned house was a pleasure to explore just as much as the outside was. Even though the items inside were scattered all about, there was a lot of interesting things to see.

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And don’t forget my fellow brothers RiddimRyder Photography and Carlo Paolozza

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