Exploring an Abandoned House in Ontario Canada

abandoned house ontario canada

This abandoned house was a random discovery found along a backroad somewhere between Burlington and Kingston Ontario Canada.  On my annual Fall road trip I was driving between locations and as I do, not paying attention to the road in front of me I was scanning the homes to the left and right.  I spotted a mailbox stuffed and overflowing with old mail and flyers and an old derelict looking house beyond it.

I pulled my car over to take some exteriors when a young man comes out the front door to advise me that they are shooting a music video inside but I am welcome to come on in and take some pics if I want.

Making my way in, the abandoned house is surprisingly in tact, normally in a home like this, the railing and newell post for the staircase is gone or in shambles, this one seems to have avoided graffiti and vandalism.

The guys inside were shooting some kind of a rap video and took a break to let me walk around and do my thing, I didn’t get the names of the guys or the artist, so I can’t share it with you here sadly.

As you can see in the gallery below, I didn’t find much of interest other than the exterior and the stairs; the video must have included footage of burning foam mannequin heads as the smell of burning styrofoam was strong! But if you want to enhance the depth and understand the impact of details in photography, exploring a photography essay can help you to delve into the nuances of visual storytelling, providing a wealth of ideas to elevate your work.

Anyway, this was a quick stop on a long drive of a weekend roadtrip and one that I felt was worthy of a small gallery, so here you go!


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